NCPN Career Pathways Partnership Excellence Award Application

NCPN 2020 Career Pathways Partnership Excellence Award Application

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​How the program meets these criteria, 100 possible points.


Employers should validate curricula and credentials, help implement and/or maintain the program, and be involved with learners and/or teachers.


Curriculum organizes education, training, and other services to meet the particular needs of an individual in a manner that accelerates the educational and career advancement of the individual to the extent practicable.


Counseling and supportive services are a key component of career pathway programs. Counseling should support an individual’s journey through the pathway and provide “roadmaps” outlining the education and training that must be completed and credentials that must be earned to reach identified career goals.

  • Academic support
  • Social support, including referrals to resources and services
  • Transition planning to employment or postsecondary education
  • Supportive services, if applicable (i.e., childcare, transportation, and financial aid)


Provide measurable learner improvement indicators. Improvement should be evident over the course of time.
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Award recipients will be notified after June 1, 2020.